Vanilla Sky


Alejandro Amenábar (film “Abre Los Ojos”) and
Mateo Gil (film “Abre Los Ojos”)
Cameron Crowe (screenplay)

Director(s): Cameron Crowe

Major Actor(s):

Tom Cruise

 Penélope Cruz

 Cameron Diaz

 Kurt Russell

Jason Lee 

Year Released: 2001

This film is a remake of the 1997 Spanish original Abre Los Ojos aka Open Your Eyes.  It stars Tom Cruise as David Aames, who plays a rich playboy who is pals with author Brian Shelby (Jason Lee), in a friends with benefits relationship with Julie Gianni (Cameron Diaz), and starting a romance with Sofia Serrano (Penelope Cruz).  The Film has a non linear style that switches back and forth between David’s Life before he was in prison for murdering Sofia and when he was just the rich Playboy who fought for control of his company from the shareholder board.  in prison he is talking about his life with police psychologist  McCabe (Kurt Russell).  While retelling his story he begins to doubt that what he remembers as real.  Certain details that he has forgotten or not paid attention to began to stick out in his mind as the inconsistencies in his memory and they start piling up.  the inconsistencies are well portrayed so that the audience gets a feel  for what David is experiencing.  it also adds to the suspense about trying to figure our what really is going on, similar to a paranoid person who’s actually right about the people out to get them.  The movie is wrapped up nicely with a full explanation to David about what has been going on, why he is in that situation and what he can do about it.

the storytelling though inconsistent and non linear does a good job of keeping you engaged.  it only shows you relevant details for that moment so that you aren’t given too much story too fast.  Everything is believable until David begins to doubt or realize the truth from those small details leaping out at him.     Some people may not care for this type of story telling.  Doing it a different way, say more linear, then you most likely would be bored with David rehashing things, you have already seen, in his talks with McCabe.