Guardians of the Galaxy

In guardians of the galaxy we have a combination of lighting used.  In the Groot fight scene you have some low key for the parts where Groot is doing the fighting, which is most of this scene.  At the end Groot turns to his companions and they switch to high key to clearly show the characters faces.  This is done to for comedic relief in the sense that one moment the good guys were fighting and then some more bad guys rush in.  Groot takes them out quick and the good guys crack a joke to lighten the mood.  Had it been low key the whole scene you would lose some of this exchange as the Groot character already has a limited vocabulary and would make as big of an impact.

In another scene, you have the bad guy standing in front of his crashed ship.  Here they used three key lighting because it is outdoors and the keeps the shadows from the smoke clouds from interfering with the scene.  This illuminated the area well and we got to see each character’s face and expressions really well.  Then the scene moves to inside of this purple cloud with lights.  At this point it switches to mostly high key with brief instances of low key.  This simulates what it might look like in there without being too bright or to dark.  We are still able to see really well even though the lighting has changed and there is no delay in our vision refocusing because of this.  It is like if you go inside from being out in the bright sun and you have to wait for your eyes to adjust, we don’t have this problem.

The lighting I think was well done to compliment the comedic nature of the film such s in the Groot fight scene while still providing necessary of function of giving us a constant view of what each scene should look like. If for example they did three point for the entire scene with the dance off and purple cloud it would most likely cause the audience to lose some immersion in the movie.  This would result in less enjoyment.  If you want to get a good visual for what bad lighting can do to a movie just adjust your TV settings to make it too bright or to dark and watch something that has outdoor daytime scenes and nighttime scenes such as this movie.  It really takes you out of enjoying it when all you can do is make out shadows and hear the audio.

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